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There are 2 ways you can obtain wii points for free. The first is through our free give away.

The second requires a bit more effort, but you will be guaranteed free wii points in the end. Remember now, nothing in life is free. All generators out there are false, and many of them are trojans designed to hijack your computer and steal important information. DO NOT DOWNLOAD ANY GENERATOR. I can’t believe how many people fall for this.

Now, here’s how to get free wii points (by doing surveys). A lot of survey websites out there are scams and WILL not pay you anything. People waste hours on those survey sites and get nothing in return. Here’s an actual site that actually works:

Step Number 1: Sign up by clicking HERE

Step Number 2: Click on the link they sent to your email to confirm your email address.

Step Number 3: Log in the site I mentioned above and click on “Earn Points.” Start filling out surveys and start earning points. Once you have enough points, you can redeem a prize. There’s many prizes to choose from, including many prizes from nintendo itself.

And that’s it on how to get free wii points.

You will definitely get your prize as long as:
A. You don’t cheat in any way or form and,
B. You only have 1 account per household (your family cannot join unfortunately).

Good luck earning points! If you want testimonials or proof that this website really pays, then here it is.

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4 Responses to “Free Wii Points”

  • Dylan says:

    Wow I FINALLY found a working site that actually gives free wii points. Been searching one for ages and all the other ones out there are scams – including the ones where they show a video that they can actually generate codes. Turns out the program was fake and the codes were fake too. But this website actually gave me wii points (2000 so far) and I’m glad I found it.

  • Ester says:

    The surveys can be annoying to do sometimes, so my advice to everyone is to clear your cache/cookies so the survey gets approved easier. Also don’t enter bogus information, make sure the stuff you type is real (like your name or address). I just got my 2000 wii points code so I’m very happy. Thanks alot for showing me this awesome site.

  • jacobo says:

    i wnt wii points now

  • Donovan says:

    I just made my first $50 from this website so I just wanted to come back here to say thanks :)

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